A Letter to GW’s Muslim Student Association

March 19, 2019

Dear Members of the GWU Muslim Student Association community:

On behalf of the entire congregation, we the Session (council) of Western Presbyterian Church want you to know that you and your entire faith community remain in our thoughts and prayers in this time following the terrorist attack on the mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.  This violence and bloodshed stand in direct opposition to any teachings of Christ or Christ’s church.  We stand in solidarity with you and commit to this church building remaining safe space for you.

In the midst of profound shock and grief, even as this tragedy moves into our world’s history, we hope for light in midst of darkness.  We prayed on Sunday for all of those whose lives were lost, whose families are grieving, whose world has been devastated.  As a congregation, we hope for an end to Islamophobia and its disastrous consequences.  Even as we mourn, we pray that our mourning might grow into an attitude and deeds that shape the world into the beloved community God intends.

Trusting in God’s work even and especially in the worst of situations, we pray that you might be continually assured of peace.

May peace be with you,

The Rev. Laura Cunningham, Pastor

The Session of Western Presbyterian Church