A Word from Laura: A Prayer for Voting

Western friends,

A civil servant recently shared her gratitude for Western, a church where she can be true to her values without the cognitive dissonance her work sometimes requires.  As next week’s mid-term elections approach, and in this season when we talk about the impact of Western’s ministry, I give thanks that social justice remains a priority that transcends partisan politics here.  It’s a gift embedded deeply in Western’s identity.

Looking towards next week’s elections, my prayers grow for you, for our nation, and for those most vulnerable whose lives will be directly affected.  I pray for healing for national divisions and for wisdom for our leaders.

In these times voices from the Sojourners community have spoken to my own heart.  As we prepare personally and spiritually for next Tuesday’s outcomes, I share with you this prayer from Neshelle Guidry, Dean of the Sisters Chapel at Spelman College in Atlanta.

In the meantime, I hope to see you Sunday. 

Blessings of grace and peace, particularly for our national life,