A Request from Miriam’s Kitchen

In our work with Miriam’s Kitchen’s Permanent Supportive Housing program, we periodically learn about small items we can help with as a congregation.  One such recent request has come on behalf of Dwayne. 

Dwayne is a 59 year old native Washingtonian and has been in the MK PSH program for almost a year. Unfortunately, Dwayne was recently assaulted inside his apartment and robbed of many of his belongings. Dwayne was hospitalized to address multiple stab wounds, but is now living in his apartment once again. In an incredible show of compassion, Dwayne has asked prosecutors not to push the maximum prison sentence on his assailant, but instead advocate for rehabilitative or therapeutic alternatives.

When asked how MK can best be of service, Dwayne made only one request: help him replace his entertainment system. We are looking for a medium-sized new or gently used TV stand/shelving unit that would hold both a TV and DVD player, DVDs, etc. Additionally, a DVD player would be welcome, but the furniture unit is the priority, and we’d like to get it to him in the next month.

If you can help with this request, please let Jen Druliner (jennifer.druliner@gmail.com) know and she will connect you with the MK housing staff to arrange delivery.