A Word from Laura: Who Tells Your Story?

Who Tells Your Story?” – It’s one of my favorite songs from Hamilton, as Alexander Hamilton’s widow Eliza sings of keeping her husband’s story alive following his death.  This theme, of keeping another’s story alive in our own lives, could just as well be about how Jesus’s disciples learned to keep his story alive, to the point that they embodied in their own lives what he was about on earth.

This week, as we get ready for Western’s congregational meeting, we also have an annual report, which tells our story, as a church, as the Body of Christ, the gathered disciples of Western.  This weekend we find ourselves looking back, at the story of the past year, and looking forward, wondering what story we’ll tell this year.  How will we tell Jesus’s story in all of our ministries?

To give you a heads-up about Sunday, as we gather in the multi-purpose room, we’ll get lunch and then gather at tables, depending on the ministry area where you feel most called – more on that in Sunday’s sermon.  You’ll get an introduction to CCB, our church’s online community. As usual, we’ll cover some usual items – a brief meeting of the corporation, a “state of the church” from me, some words from the Finance chair and treasurer, and voting to approve the pastor’s terms of call.

The format will be slightly different, in that instead of hearing from each ministry team chair about this past year’s work, you’ll spend more time considering what is to come this year, and how you might be involved.

We want to make sure that you still know what’s going on with the ministries of Western – that you still “know the story” – and so we’re making our annual report available on-line ahead of time.  You may link to it here or visit the church website and look under “News and Updates.”

So who tells our story, if our story is the work of Jesus Christ in the life of this congregation?  We all do!  I look forward to seeing you this Sunday, to sharing our story, and to sharing the plot-lines yet to come.

Grace and peace,