A Word from Irene: Perfect

In Robert Bolt’s playA Man for All Seasons, Sir Thomas More says to his daughter, “When a man takes an oath,, he is holding his own self in his own hands. Like Water. And, if he opens his fingers then – he needn’t hope to find himself again.

When we swear an oath or take a vow, when we are in the middle of a divorce, when we consider being unfaithful to our marriage vows, when we’re mad enough to insult, abuse or kill someone, maybe even Christian sisters and brothers—how can we follow Jesus’s instruction: be perfect as God is perfect? The world grows more imperfect every day. If perfect means as good as we can possibly be, or if it means completely free from faults or defects, then we cannot ever be perfect.

Jesus’s word, perfect, is like a modern-day camera zooming to the end of its capability. As it zooms, a faraway object grows clearer. Jesus taught that we were created to be like God, loving, forgiving, always seeking reconciliation. To be perfect means to grow in our awareness of God, to zoom in until we see the wholeness or completeness of God and with that knowledge to become whole or complete ourselves.

We grow in our understanding of God as love, “unconquerable benevolence, invincible goodwill” (Barclay), always seeking the best for every person. How do we become that?

Like a child grows to a mature human being, we grow to wholeness by living the Law of Love every day. We are thereby becoming perfecti, person who are wholly and completely Godlike Love ourselves.

Godlike Love is about life, not death. When you’re tempted to lose yourself, think again. Choose life!


  • Mardi Gras DoNut Deco: February 23.
    Bring your favorite toppings for Hospitality time after worship.
  • Ash Wednesday Service: February 26, Noon
  • Lenten Sermon Series: March 1-29 Rev. Dr. Cunningham
  • Lenten Sermon Discussion: March 8-April 5 Rev. Dr. Phil Bennett