A Word from John: The Year of Bridges

This year we will be doing more work to intentionally build a better and stronger relationship with Northminster Presbyterian Church. 

Over the past year and a half their congregation has grown in numbers and in energy. They are now eager and excited to engage in new ministry initiatives.  One of those will be the work they can do together with us at Western.  This Sunday Laura will be preaching at Northminster and I’ll be preaching at Western.  Our hope is that these two congregation go beyond seeing each other as “sister” churches and begin to see themselves as one body simply separated by geography.

This Sunday is Epiphany Sunday, the day we recognize the three Magi who traveled hundreds of miles, led by a star in the night sky, to find the newborn Christ Child named Jesus.  These three individuals came from a different culture but were drawn to a place that looked, sounded, smelled, and felt very different from their homeland in order to bear witness to what the god of the universe was up to.  This is the same path our congregations can be on as well.  Not coming together only for the sake of celebrating our diversity but also to bear witness to what God is doing in our world, together.