A Word from John: What’s Your Role in This?

This Sunday we’ll be looking at the important, and often overlooked, role the midwives played in the Exodus story by helping God’s plan for liberation become a reality.  Their actions were ones of resistance.  It’s often hard to be a voice of resistance.  In order to be be a voice of resistance you often have to give something up.  Sometimes that’s your safety.  It might be your position of privilege.  It could also mean your conventional way of seeing the world.  In order to help usher in real and meaningful change, something has to move out of the way to make room.  Which is why many of us find the idea of change hard and challenging.  “It sounds like a good idea, but I am really ready to live into what that means?”  Sound like yourself… Good.  Welcome to being human.

That’s the decision our two characters this Sunday are faced with and it’s also what all of humanity ultimately has to face when God is brining a new thing into our world.  Throughout all of human history there have been people who have embraced change and those who have run from up.  Our roles as Christians are neither of those.  If we believe that our calling is to be the active people of God then our job is to not only embrace God’s plan for this world but to also help usher it in.  To be in partnership with what’s next.

Our church, this city and our country are in the midst of stepping into a new way of being.  What does that look like to you?  Are you scared, or maybe timid?  Are you excited?  Are you willing to let go of what used to be?  Will you help welcome the new into this world?  I hope you can’t answer any of those easily.  This takes time a work.  What I do hope for is that you use this particular community of faith to wrestle with these questions.  And just maybe, we can play midwife to God’s plan for all of us.