A Word from John: Around the Dinner Table

Last year, we added a new element to our campus ministry life. We learned that food in Foggy Bottom, especially for college students, can quickly become rather expensive. So we started offering a free meal for students once a month. We called it “Last (Thursday) Supper.”

Last month we had our first one for 2019. I had invited the Muslim Students Association that meets at the church on Fridays to join us as an attempt to build some better relationships between the two ministries. They were unable to come last month but are planning to come the following times we meet.

Coincidentally a group of Mormon interns from BYU saw a posting about the meal and decided to come last month. They were blown away by the hospitality and plan to come for the rest of the semester. 

Since our last meal I have reached out to a Rabbi friend I have who works at the Hillel on campus and he is excited about bringing his students next month.

This means that our campus ministry meals will hopefully become multi-faith. Out of the connections that will grow around the table, our hope is that we offer a joint service trip for all the groups at the end of the school year. We will begin those conversations later this month at the supper on the 28th.