A Word from Julia: 5 Minutes

Julia Burkley, Ministry Fellow from Davidson College, offers this reflection:

Do you all struggle with bringing God into your day? I always have struggled with centering every day on the divine, and maintaining a consistent spiritual practice. I have challenged myself to do something about that.

Little did I know that a friend of mine that works downstairs in the soup kitchen also was struggling with that same lack of spiritual discipline. She is similar in many ways to me; a rising senior at college and investigating this odd and inescapable calling to ministry. She texted me one day, asking for me to meet her in the sanctuary during our lunch hour. We sat on the cold steps of the front of the sanctuary and began our time in silence, lost in our own thoughts.

We then held hands and prayed.

Since then we have met almost every day of the work week. It’s never the same time, never the same words, never the same feeling. Sometimes we are contemplative the whole time, sometimes we are distracted and chatty. Sometimes the words of Taize melodies leave our lips, sometimes nothing does.

The consistency comes from dedicating time every day to turn our attention to the Divine and allow God to be at the front of our hearts.

Creating this spiritual practice has genuinely changed the way that I go about my day in a minor but noticeable way. I am centered towards God in my conversations, and when I am walking down the streets of Washington. A small time a day in reflective prayer is powerful.

5 minutes is all it takes.