A Word from Laura

As we prepare for 2018, we are in the midst of transition in building management at Western. Gaston Paige, who has served Western faithfully for almost sixty years, will finish in his current role at the end of this year. While the details of Gaston’s retirement and celebration are still being worked out, his last official day with us will be December 31. We hope to find a time to honor Gaston and give thanks for his unprecedented service early in the new year. As one person mentioned recently, it’s hard to think of Western Church without Gaston. Whether you see Gaston regularly or not, he has shaped this church for a long time, and we are going to miss him.

Sterling Thomas began as our half-time building and facilities manager on December 12. His role will be more administrative than Gaston’s as he will be the facility point of contact for long-term building users like Miriam’s Kitchen, which will free the staff to focus on pastoral and programmatic work. Over the next several weeks, he will work with the staff and others involved with our building to develop a plan for our garage and grounds. Sterling will also be responsible for picking up much of the good work done by Bill Saint in the interim period.

Sterling will be at the church all day on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Sunday mornings, as well as other hours as needed to coordinate with special events or outside contractors. You may reach Sterling at the church by email or on the church phone, extension 25.