A Word from Laura: Rays of Light

Woman of color holding a protest sign that reads: "Love knows no borders". (Photo from PMA)

(Photo from PMA) 

Those of you facing your first week without a paycheck because of the shutdown are on all of our minds and hearts this week.  While some of you are tackling deferred projects, others of you are holding together skeleton staffs of essential employees. 

We’re all concerned about workers whose livelihoods and ability to provide food and shelter are compromised by what is not a state of emergency.  At our house we’re supporting the Capital Area Food Bank; I encourage you to find ways to support those in need as you are able.

Rays of light in the darkness:

  • This Sunday Rev. Dr. Jimmie Hawkins will be preaching and leading the Free Inquiry class. He is the current director of the Presbyterian Office of Public Witness and has been a leader in the renewal of the Poor People’s Campaign.  Rev. Hawkins leads our denomination’s advocacy efforts and will let us know more about how we can support.
Rev. Jimmie Hawkins, holding the “Refugees Welcome” sign, marches with other faith leaders. (Photo from PMA)
  • I read this piece from Rev. Mark Adams, the mission co-worker who is our main contact on the border at Frontera de Cristo, in Agua Prieta, Sonora.  He reminds us to see migration primarily as a human issue, and not a political or ideological one, and that as Christians, we are called to love immigrants.

But even more than a ray, I give thanks for the Light we are already part of, the Light no president can shut down – and no snowstorm can cancel, either.  It’s the Light that reminds us we belong to something larger, what Jesus called the Kingdom of God, where no one is non-essential – not government workers, not immigrants – no one.  It’s God’s realm, where we are all beloved, the way of being we pray for and commit to each time we gather for worship, each time we install new leadership.

I hope to see you this Sunday.  Announcements about inclement weather will be posted by 7 am on our website, facebook, and church voicemail.  (Sign up for a text alert to your cell phone, too!)

Grace and peace to all, but especially those affected by this shutdown.  Know that your church and your pastor are here for you.