A Word from Laura: A Change in Perspective

Listening to Michael Cohen testify, I was reminded how much a change in our perspective helps to make sense of our reality.  In Cohen’s case, the prospect of prison made protecting the President much less appealing.  Reality, when it comes to facts, makes more sense.

The change in perspective doesn’t have to be punishing; it can be uplifting, even joyous.  When Jesus led Peter, James and John up the side of the mountain, so that they might make sense of God’s reality, he wanted them to get away from the everydayness of life, to experience light and color and sound and voices as never before.  And scripture tells us they became fully awake, although not so they could stay there, but so they could return and therefore see the rest of life differently.

This Sunday in worship, we’re hoping for more of the second kind of change in perspective, one that wakes us up to the divine a little differently.  The session leaders who dreamed it up called it “Shake It Up Sunday.” We’re simply observing traditions around Carneval and Mardi Gras – traditions with originally sacred roots! – to celebrate the “feasting” at the end of one religious season before we enter the “fasting” of Lent.  (More on Lent next week…)  We’ll have a Dixieland jazz/gospel flavor to our music and feast on donuts and toppings, and don’t forget to wear your festive attire.

Don’t miss worship this Sunday, and not just because we’re planning on fun.  Don’t miss worship, because we’re all looking for the joyous divine perspective on life, the one that helps us experience the fullness of goodness and truth in our world – even in a world that seems to struggle with truth as much as ours does!

            See you Sunday,