A Word from Laura: All Saints’ Day

Even though I didn’t grow up Roman Catholic, I was an adult before I knew that you could be a saint without a halo or miracles or canonization.  Sure, we said “communion of the saints” in church, but I never connected it to myself.  I thought you had to be perfect to be a saint.

A mentor once described saints as anyone the light of God shines through, whether they know it or not.  Saints were hardly perfect; in fact, they were forgiven sinners the same as everyone else.  Saints might say dirty words, or struggle with an addiction, or forget their mother’s birthday, same as anyone else.  But something about them – something they said, something they shared, something they stood for – helps you see God’s love and God’s light.

This Sunday we’ll observe All Saints’ Day here at church.  Rev. Rob Lee will preach (you don’t want to miss it!), and we’ll share the Lord’s Supper, remembering the saints of Western who have died this past year:  David Gill, Penny Pickett, Gus Schumacher, and Susan Lively.

As you get ready for this Sunday, I invite you to remember someone you consider a saint, who has shown you God’s light, especially in a time of darkness.  Whether that darkness was a personal struggle or a family crisis, a social injustice or natural disaster, what did that person say or do to help dispel the power of the event, so you could sense a larger power of love and justice at work?

One of you observed in a small group this past week that God’s love is never an abstract concept, that it always comes in the form of another person.   Who has shared that love with you, so that you want to share it with others?  Give thanks for that saint, for the love that was in them that transcends time and space, joining us together in the communion of the saints.

Peace be with you,