A Word from Laura: Children’s Ministry


I hope that you are as excited as I am about the annual children’s Christmas program this Sunday!  If you are new to Western and haven’t experienced the always new approach to the ancient story, annually updated and directed by Amy DeLouise, you’re in for a treat.

As we look towards a Sunday when our children lead us, I want you to know that Kathryn Urban is nearing the end of her time as our Sunday School coordinator.  She won’t be leaving Western, but as she looks towards a year of both full-time employment and graduate school, we’ll hope to welcome her to Western membership.  Stay tuned for the time when we’ll celebrate her work in worship this January.

You should know that we’re using her transition as an opportunity to consider the position as a whole, particularly how a part-time director of children’s and youth ministry might support continuity and growth for our program.  Anticipating that we may not have a new person in place before June, we’re revitalizing the ministry team model, in hopes that a group of six to eight people will share responsibilities for leading this important ministry.  Elder Kate Brittain will serve as chair, and others have already stepped up to serve!

All this to say, we’re at a point of celebration and transition in terms of our ministry with young people here at Western, and at no better time than when we look for God coming in the birth of child.

Grace and peace to you, and for all of our ministry at Western,