A Word from Laura: Communion with the World

This Sunday, come let God engage your faith at Western we join in solidarity with Christians around the globe to celebrate World Communion Sunday. Begun in 1936 in the Presbyterian Church and adopted by the National Council of Churches in 1940, the celebration reminds of our oneness with Christians in many cultures and environments.

As we observe the universal Christian practice of breaking bread with one another, we engage our faith, remembering our shared  identity in Christ.

On Sunday we’ll also recognize our shared identity and communion with the world itself, in the sense of mother Earth, as we pray with faithful folks in our shared identity as creatures in God’s creation, which gives life to us all.  We’ll pray and sing using text and tunes from Christians around the world, letting their words and rhythms shape our own.

Following worship, I hope you’ll stay for two reasons:

  1. to share “a taste of home” potluck after worship – I hope you’ll sign up to bring something to share, too!  and
  2. to join around tables as we dream together of what is next as we engage faith on Sunday mornings here at Western.  You may choose which area of engagement is for you!

This Sunday also marks the ten-year anniversary of a talk by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngosi Adichie, “The Danger of a Single Story.”  (If you have a few minutes to watch, I hope you will!) Her words will prepare your heart and spirit as we prepare to worship, and as we seek to incorporate everyone’s story in our faith engagement here at Western.

Blessings for your faith and for our world,