A Word from Laura: God-Moments

God-moments: those times when the life of a person reveals something holy to another. In the week after a deadly shooting, when political negativity seems pervasive, it can be easy to feel like holy moments are few and far between.

Without denying the difficulties we’re facing, as your pastor I’ve been privileged to see some God-moments at work among you:

  • One of you stops to pray with a person deeply worried about the future of our nation’s priorities and their impact on the most vulnerable among us
  • Another beams with excitement at having seen John Molina-Moore with baby Arthur in the grocery store
  • A group of you remains in close touch as you care for another in the final stages of life
  • Another group marches for racial justice, finding hope in a sea of others committed to resisting racism
  • People in community groups share stories from their childhoods about what it means to them to have enough

Supporting each other in the face of injustice, sharing deep commitments, caring for each other at the boundaries of birth, life, death, and the life yet to come – all God-moments.  No one has said in the moment “it’s time to live out our vision statement,” and yet you are doing it, together, growing as a loving and supportive community of faith.  It’s rare and precious and wonderful.  In the face of the wrong-headed notions of abundance in the world, you are sharing moments of an abundance of God’s Spirit at work.

Giving thanks for you and for the God at work in you,