A Word from Laura: Helping Aleppo

As we get ready for Western’s children’s Christmas program this Sunday, with all of the messages of joy and hope our children will bring, this week’s messages from children in Aleppo pleading for rescue seem all the more stark.  “We hope they can get us out of Aleppo so we can eat and drink,” says the child in Arabic, from a group of around forty gathered in an orphanage.  “We want peace.  We want to live.”

I’m usually skeptical of videos that use children, but after hearing Former Secretary Albright describe her research into the situation, the problems the larger community faces are much worse than even the small child knows.  What is happening to these children, even as our own prepare for this wonderful season?

If you have not already found a way to give support for humanitarian aid in this part of the world, know that Presbyterians have been involved with Christians in Syria for almost two hundred years!  With thanksgiving for our own children in  the “Trouble at Angel Central” program – and Amy and all of those who make this possible – consider a gift that reflects Christ coming for those children who are truly in trouble’s way.  (Here’s a link to our own Presbyterian Mission Syria/Lebanon partnership.)

Towards the Light,