A Word from Laura: In the Neighborhood

I have no idea who declared Thursday as world kindness day in honor of my childhood hero (and Presbyterian minister) Mr. Rogers, but what a wonderful idea, especially during these days when our political news threatens to turn us into cynics.  I can’t help but think Mr. Rogers would enjoyed other news, like the story of Jackson, the eight-year-old Maryland trick-or-treater who found the empty candy bowl and replenished it with some from his own bag.

Mr. Rogers and “Vampire” Jackson, along with getting ready to dedicate our pledges and celebrate Western’s 25 years at 24th and G on November 24, all have me thinking about neighbors and generosity, this week’s worship themes.  We’ll hear more from the gospel of Luke – how Jesus responds when a lawyer wonders about his neighbors – and from the prophet Isaiah- who describes God’s vision for humanity as a new day in the neighborhood, when people will get to live in the houses they have worked to build.

Don’t miss this Sunday in worship!  Come ready to remember Mr. Rogers, to grow in Jesus’s command to love our neighbors, and to give generously as we build our faith community in this neighborhood.  Feel free to keep your coat on, even though we’ll have alternate heat sources in the sanctuary during our HVAC transition.

Towards kindness and generosity, and all the ways love becomes real in our neighborhood,