A Word from Laura: Lent

Although it’s still almost two weeks away, Lent has been on my mind this year.  As John Molina-Moore and I have been planning for preaching and small groups, we’ve circled back to the ancient practice of giving up something for Lent.  And this year we’re asking you to experiment with giving up something. 
This year’s Lenten preaching theme is Giving Up Life (As We Know It).  In all of the gospels, Jesus mysteriously encourages his disciples to give up their lives – or selves – psyches in the Greek – for the sake of something larger.  Beginning Ash Wednesday, February 14, you’re invited to give something up – something that is no longer useful or helpful or healthy or compassionate – for the sake of God’s good news of love for you, for those around you, for the world itself. 
You’ll hear more from John and me in the days and weeks ahead.  We hope you’ll take some time to consider what you’re being called to give up; it will most likely be something different for each person. Our sermon reflection community groups will be times for you to reflect on the week’s scripture passage in light of what it means to give up one thing for the sake of something larger.
You can certainly sign up to participate in small groups without committing to give something up, but we believe you’ll get more out of the conversation – and out of Lent itself – as we commit together.
            Grace and peace,
PS – You can sign up for a Community Group here. They run from February 18-March 22.