A Word from Laura: Miriam’s Kitchen Sunday


Although the focus of our worship this Sunday will be celebrating Western’s relationship with Miriam’s Kitchen, the liturgical year focus is once again on the Reign of Christ, what Jesus called the “kingdom.”  It’s the time just before Advent when the church looks forward to the promised day, when life on earth looks like life in heaven.  We see the reality Jesus talks about – known for justice and peace; the healing of body, mind, and spirit; care for the “least of these”; reconciliation among human divisions, even the most bitter enemies.

We recognize just how far we are from that distant time and place.

The Reign of Christ Sunday is also a day to hold all kinds of power – political and spiritual, mental and physical, economic and military – up to the character of divine power as we see it in Jesus Christ.  To look forward to the Reign of Christ is to celebrate Jesus’s particular approach to power, a power not used for its own sake, but for the sake of all.  Those who look forward to this promised day advocate for earthly powers that reflect the heavenly use of power.  In Jesus’s case, that means action on behalf of those who have less power on earth.

To say this differently, when we talk about Western being an “active force and passionate voice” for justice and mercy in our society, it’s not because of our political leanings, but because we live looking forward to the Reign of Christ.  It’s how we travel that journey from today to the promised day.

No matter who we are or what we believe, no matter how we voted last week, we’re all still a long way from Christ’s Reign.  None of us have a complete handle it.  That’s why we’re given the gift of each other, of the church, all walking together.  May we keep finding hope, for ourselves, and for all who need it.

Blessings for the journey,