A Word from Laura: Spirit Filled Energy

In these times when so many of us can’t read the paper or look at facebook without our hearts growing heavy, I’ve noticed Spirit-filled energy growing at Western:

  • At the annual meeting, as you talked around tables about the future of our ministry areas, even inviting newcomers to come and take part
  • In the grateful letters of some of the busload of Presbyterians from Staunton, VA, whom many of you showed gracious hospitality during the Saturday of the Women’s March
  • In the emails and hope of those who attended the information session on the sanctuary church movement and standing with immigrants and refugees in our midst
  • As we prepare for Jessica Vazquez Torres and Kara Bender to lead a group of thirty-five in this weekend’s anti-racism training (and don’t miss Jessica preaching on Sunday!)

We will continue to rediscover our call to faithfulness during these times, often in response to executive orders or decisions that go against biblical practices of welcoming strangers or doing justice. We will find ourselves learning new ways of worshiping within and beyond our walls, not necessarily by singing hymns or preaching from the pulpit, but by grounding ourselves in following where Jesus leads us in this next era of our life together. Our world needs faithful people more than ever, and I’m thankful for the faith alive at Western.