A Word from Laura: Sticking to the Truth

It’s evident this week that some in D.C. are confused about what constitutes a “made-up story.”  When it comes down to tweets from the Oval Office or testimony from the former head of the FBI, whose truth will win?

The week after Pentecost, after a Sunday of celebrations here at Western, we remember the disciples were accused of fabricating an experience of the Holy Spirit that day.  They were so alive that people thought they were drunk.  It took faith to help them stick to the truth, to remember they weren’t making it all up.

This Saturday in Dupont Circle, we join with other More Light Presbyterians to help celebrate Pride, and to remember that not so long ago, GLBTQ Presbyterians had to claim God’s truth that they – for some of us, “we”- were called to ordained service, even when others could not believe it.  Want to join the group?  Come to Church of the Pilgrims, just off Dupont Circle, at 4 pm.

This Sunday in worship, we get to hear from Dr. Leanne Van Dyk, president of Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, as she preaches the “A Tale of Two Tales”, a sermon on the beatitudes.  A Reformed theologian whose faith commitments will resonate with many at Western, Leanne has preached about the need to welcome those whose life experience brings nothing but rejection.

I hope that she will remind us of the power of God’s story in the midst of all kinds of other made-up stories that we tell ourselves: stories that further divide our world instead of bringing us together, stories that reject some while promoting others, or stories that resort to name calling without listening for God calling.

Whatever stories or tales you find yourself in the midst of this week, may you have the faith to hold fast to what is good, to the truth of the good news of God’s love for you and for all of us.

Grace and peace,