A Word from Laura: Summer Hospitality

Now that summer is truly here, I invite you to take a minute and remember your favorite childhood flavors of summer.  I think back on eating homemade peach ice cream, churned with my two great aunts, and lunching on fresh tomato sandwiches with Duke’s mayonnaise.  I also remember sitting by a neighborhood pool, engaging in an impromptu watermelon seed-spitting contest with about five other kids.  (Someday we need to try this in front of Western Church!)

This Sunday, and through the rest of July and August, we’ll enjoy two other tastes of summer during our Hospitality time after worship:  popsicles and lemonade!  We’ll give the deacons and our Sunday morning teams a break, all the while sharing some cool treats of summer.

Come join us on Sunday, and may whatever you eat this summer be full of flavor!