A Word from Laura: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Sometimes when I hear the tune about the “most wonderful time of the year,” my brain changes the lyrics to the “cray-craziest time.”  Give me ten minutes, I could write a whole new version about the wackiness and freneticism that December brings out, even in me.  This year, especially.  Why does the month we look for peace on earth make it so hard to find peace?

I know I get caught up in the busy-ness.  This past Sunday, in hubbub of breaking into small groups, I was trying to make sure everything was moving along, the details of worship were coming together.  I could not figure out what a newcomer would make of what was going on, and simply hoped for the best.  I couldn’t imagine that a visitor would connect with our conversations.  And some may not have.  One could have made the case that the meter tended more towards wacky.

Yet three different visitors, independently, let me know they sensed something different.  “There was a Spirit at work here as soon as I walked in.  I can’t explain it; I just felt it,” one said.  Another person shared with a member that they sensed the light in this place; I forgot to ask if they were talking about The Light, capital “L,” but I’ll assume.  And a college student, here for her second Sunday, commented in an email about how excited she was for our church, about the “re-focusing” going on, about the life she thought it would bring.

Many of you, given your Sunday service in the choir, ushers, kitchen, chancel or flower teams, ministry meetings, church school, communion preparation, or any number of things, may run the same risk of missing God at work here, especially during this season, but please don’t miss it!  God is alive in us.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, at church or beyond, stop, if only for a moment.  Look around.  In the darkness, let your eyes be drawn to whatever brings light.  Listen.  Take note of any angels (meaning “God’s messengers”) – not the ones with wings, but the ones with good news, whatever form.    Breathe.  Inhale knowing God is near, as close as the next breath.  Be.  Christ is already being born in you. The mystery that brought the world into being is the same mystery living deep inside each of us.

However wacky this December is, Christ is still coming.  May you catch a glimpse of light, a word of hope, a sense of God’s own likeness being born in you,