A Word from Laura: The Mystery of Easter

I listened once again to my second favorite Easter story, David Sedaris’s account of trying to learn French as an adult, when an international class tried to explain Easter to a Muslim classmate from Morocco.  Alternately the celebration involving the chocolate bell on palm fronds and “the party for the little boy of God who call hisself Jesus and then he die one day,” Easter grows more confusing with each student’s response.

Part of the problem had to do with grammar, according to Sedaris.

But part of the problem, no matter what the language, whether or not you know about the “bunny of Easter,” is that Easter cannot be explained, at least not in any way that makes rational sense.  The mystery of resurrection – not of living forever, but of God creating new life in someone completely dead – defies reason.

Easter may not be explained, but Easter is meant be celebrated, in all of its beauty, wonder and confusion.  Christ’s empty tomb, the central event of Christian faith, is meant to be remembered, wrestled with, explored and shared in speech and singing, as we look for Christ alive among us.  I look forward to celebrating with Western this Easter.

Grace and peace,