A Word from Laura: Warmth in the Cold

I wish you all could have heard J.D. this morning. She came to Western for the memorial service for former Miriam’s Kitchen guests to speak in memory of her father. As an uber driver, J.D. still finds herself looking for him in his usual spots between Anacostia and downtown. She also said that part of her heart is at peace, no longer worried about him as temperatures drop.

As we prepare for Christ’s coming into this cold world this year, I’m grateful for Western, and that we can be part of how she honors her father. When I think about the meeting of the human and divine, I will remember her voice and her tears.

I also invite you to join me and others on Sunday, as we gather supplies for small gifts for the annual memorial for all of those who died while experiencing homelessness this year.  Thanks to those who brought items last week; we still have a need for items.   Click here to let us know what you can bring!

(My son) Will and I will also be taking supplies on December 19 to the worship service at Luther Place and the candlelight march to Freedom Plaza afterwards.  I hope you’ll join us.

As Christmas always seems to find new ways to steer my heart and values in the direction of anxiety and greed, I’ve found this worship to be essential.  In the midst of the Christmas crazies, may you find opportunities to be similarly grounded. As you see others who remind you of world-worn travelers to Bethlehem, may you come to know that we are all part of the same holy human crowd.