A Word from Laura: What’s your hope?

What are your hope points?  In a recent conversation with one of you about our national state of affairs, we were both hard-pressed to name anything.  The front page of yesterday morning’s Post didn’t help.

But then I got to church:

  • In the memorial service this morning, members of the Miriam’s Kitchen community gave thanks for those who have died, sharing stories of the talkative guest whose spouse was deaf, or the older guest suffering from dementia reuniting with her granddaughter.  I observed the justice and mercy that flow through our building every day.
  • I heard that a second young woman relatively new to Western wanted to know how to join up with a group at Pride on Saturday, and I was able to connect her with local Presbyterians.  [Click for more information]
  • In an email Rev. Dr. Paul Smith, a pioneer in Presbyterian intercultural churches who was mentored by Howard Thurman, saying that he would be able to join our group after worship on June 23rd to share more of his personal experiences. [click for bio]

Each of these moments – hope points – reminded me of why we are Western, of the Spirit at work in and through our church.  Exciting things are happening, and I don’t want anyone to miss out.  In fact, for any or all of the next three weeks of “Engage Faith” following our 10 am worship, I hope you will invite others.  (This week: hear from Christian Brooks in our Matthew 25 track; find out more about intercultural faith pioneer Howard Thurman, or dream with Rev. Irene Bennett about next steps for spiritual growth.)

If you’re looking for points of hope, come join us this weekend – or any Sunday – and as you engage your faith, may you discover God’s Spirit engaging you with energy and hope,