John Molina-Moore

This year we will be doing more work to intentionally build a better and stronger relationship with Northminster Presbyterian Church.  Over the past year and a half their congregation has grown in numbers and in energy. They are now eager and excited to engage in new ministry initiatives.  One of those will be the work they can do together with us at Western. Read More →

“…This doesn’t feel very “Presbyterian”” This statement isn’t unique to Presbyterians.  Most denominations have either an exact word for word, or a similar version of this message that gets passed around in their circles.  We could have multiple newsletter articles about what it does and doesn’t mean to be Presbyterian.   One of the things that falls under the category ofRead More →

“…But I Don’t think of myself as a spiritual person” You’ve heard this statement before, right? Maybe you’ve even said this statement. Maybe not out loud or to someone else, but somewhere to yourself you might have spoken it form within. Often times we use this as a reason not to try something new in our life of faith. ItRead More →

For 12 weeks this summer we will be having a weekly Sunday evening service centered around contemplation, meditation, and mindfulness.  We’re calling the service “Selah.”  Some of you might be familiar with this word.  You often see it in the book of Psalms either at the end of a chapter or at the end of sections in one chapter.  We don’tRead More →

This Sunday we’ll be looking at the important, and often overlooked, role the midwives played in the Exodus story by helping God’s plan for liberation become a reality.  Their actions were ones of resistance.  It’s often hard to be a voice of resistance.  In order to be be a voice of resistance you often have to give something up.  Sometimes that’sRead More →