Your Session sat for its first regular monthly meeting of the year earlier this week.  We mostly dealt with housekeeping matters.  Two new elders, Annette Reilly and Ray Kim, joined us; Rebecca Jackson was elected to the important but unsung role of Clerk of Session. We reviewed the leadership retreat held on Saturday, January 11, for elders and deacons.  There, we learned anRead More →

Helping migrant youth through the U.S. immigration system and ending homelessness in D.C. through Western’s mission giving: Alarmed by the increasing number of youth arriving in the U.S, nearly 70,000 migrant children held in custody in 2019, the Mission Team provided Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) a $2000 grant.  KIND is a national organization that has five program goal: Read More →

Project Create was created in 1994 when Rev. John Wimberly, Jr. recognized a need and sought to fill it. Children attending Thaddeus Stevens Elementary School needed an after-school arts program, and Project Create began providing art classes to children in Western’s backyard. Since that time WPC has provided volunteer support, administrative office space, and financial aid. Project Create has continuedRead More →

SESSION Ray Kim Ray is a Ph.D candidate at Georgetown University, and he has been attending Western since he first moved to DC to start this chapter in his life. After his first visit, he was drawn back to Western by the vision and values of this community as it was reflected in the leadership, church programs, and congregational life.Read More →

Nancy and Carlton Brose Nancy and Carlton began coming to Western after moving to DC to be near their daughter, Ari Brose. They can often be seen singing in the choir. Nancy grew up in the DMV area and as a child of a Methodist pastor. She enjoys singing, working to bring people together to “make a difference,” and volunteeringRead More →

Supporting prisoner community re-entry and migrants seeking new life Free Minds Write NightA gift of $3000 was made to Free Minds Write Night and Book Club.  Western Presbyterian Church has supported Free Minds for a number of years by hosting Write Night on an every other month basis. It’s a time for community volunteers to gather alongside Free Minds Poet Ambassadors homeRead More →

Your Session sat for its regular monthly meeting earlier this week.  The main order of business was consideration of the 2020 church budget, which we approved. For the most part, next year’s budget maintains the status quo – revenues and expenses are about the same as this year. Pledge income is forecast to be up a little, but not asRead More →

Do you know who the Mission Team supports through Western’s benevolence budget? Supporting Low-Income Seniors in the Foggy Bottom Neighborhood: A gift of $1000 was made to St. Mary’s Court Resident Relief Fund. This fund helps residents in times of emergencies for such things as food, medicine, and transportation. A gift of $1000 was made to Foggy Bottom West EndRead More →

The Mission Team will be contributing about 50 small overnight tote bags to be given out at this month’s Vigil for those who have died while homeless (Dec. 19-20). Each guest staying overnight at the vigil will get a bag. You can help by donating one of each item to fill a bag, or more, or multiples of one item:Read More →