Building Update: Sanctuary HVAC

We are currently experiencing cooling issues with the Sanctuary HVAC.  Contractors have been onsite this week trying to restore cooling capabilities prior to Sunday’s service. If their attempt(s) to repair are unsuccessful, Sunday’s service will take place in the multi-purpose room located in the basement of the church. 

Some have asked why other areas of the building are cool where as the Sanctuary is hot.  This is because the building is controlled by five (5) separate condensing units, the sanctuary being on its own HVAC system.

Although not originally scheduled for replacement until 2020,  I had previously asked for and was granted the approval to proceed with replacement of the entire HVAC system servicing the sanctuary.  Because of the lead time for material and manufacturing of the units, this project has been tentatively scheduled for October 2019. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding while I address this high priority issue.

Sterling Thomas, Building and Facilities Manager