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Did you know that nearly 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions* come from livestock? Or that cattle raised for beef, milk, and other products account for about 65% of livestock emissions? These numbers point to an enormous problem, but also suggest that one small change–eating less meat, and in particular, less beef–could dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which cause rapid climateRead More →

For me, the holidays are mostly about remembering important relationships.  Most of the time that takes the form of getting together with family and friends over food and drink.  I am looking forward to this Sunday – MK Festival Sunday – because it celebrates the relationship between Western Presbyterian Church and Miriam’s Kitchen. Many of you may have heard theRead More →

Nominees for Office of Deacon Nominees for Office of Ruling Elder Nominees for Congregational Member of 2018 Nominating CommitteeRead More →

“Sutherland Springs” – yet another name in a list that has grown too long, this time with more children and families, breaking our hearts once again. In the Post on Monday, security expert and former infantry officer Ed Hinman gave tips for preparing yourself for a mass shooting, reminding us that this could happen anywhere.  Focusing on improving your chancesRead More →

Even though I didn’t grow up Roman Catholic, I was an adult before I knew that you could be a saint without a halo or miracles or canonization.  Sure, we said “communion of the saints” in church, but I never connected it to myself.  I thought you had to be perfect to be a saint. A mentor once described saintsRead More →

October 26, 2017 After 23 years as Director of Music at Western (hard to believe!), I have decided to retire from that position as of September 1, 2018. I wanted to serve the congregation during the period of transition of pastors and I feel it is time to step down. I shall not take another church position (I started churchRead More →

What happens when a teenager owns her faith to the point that she comes to church with or without her parents?  Or when a person who carries all of his belongings with him joins a church community group?  Or when faithful folks keep marching and praying and talking about what is most important?  It’s all happening here at Western, andRead More →

Session met on Tuesday, October 10. Here are the highlights: Western will welcome its next group of new members on Sunday, November 12! The class for new members starts on Sunday, October 22 at 9:45am. Session approved a new part-time position, a Building and Facilities Manager who will oversee the maintenance of the church’s building and property and housekeeping. The church willRead More →

God-moments: those times when the life of a person reveals something holy to another. In the week after a deadly shooting, when political negativity seems pervasive, it can be easy to feel like holy moments are few and far between. Without denying the difficulties we’re facing, as your pastor I’ve been privileged to see some God-moments at work among you: OneRead More →