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This Sunday is Palm Sunday.  It is the Sunday on the church calendar that we set aside to remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem before his eventual betrayal, trial, and execution.  We usually celebrate this at churches by waving palm fronds and singing songs, much like the actual gathering of people 2,000 year ago did to welcome the savior theyRead More →

Your Session covered two substantial topics at its regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening. We heard a finance update from church co-treasurer Ray Sendejas.  The financial news is mixed.  So far this year, expenses are under control and generally within budget. The bigger picture isn’t as pleasing – pledge giving commitments are well short of our goal and we rely onRead More →

This Sunday we’re doing things slightly out of order at Western – not the for the first time, and probably not the last. We’ll ordain and install two elders and one new deacon in April, instead of January, given some turnover in our leadership. In a few weeks we’ll say good-bye to (Deacon) Dave and (Elder) Jackie Escobar, as theyRead More →

A while back I was in a meeting where I knew two of the people pretty well, better than they knew each other. As the two of them sat facing each other, I realized that her tone of voice, her questions, were going to aggravate him. As his face grew still, his tone of voice evened out, slightly deeper andRead More →

Doing our own interior work around finding and facing our Shadow Self can be intimidating.  Often we are afraid of what we might see but most of us are afraid or unsure of even where to start.  The contemporary theologian and Franciscan Friar Richard Rohr offers some helpful tips to helping see our shadow.  He says, “One of the easiest waysRead More →

Did you know? Miriam’s Kitchen (MK) has been a part of Western Presbyterian Church (WPC) for 36 years!  In 1983 the Pastor of First Congregational Church approached Rev. John Wimberly, WPC Pastor, about using a $5,000 FEMA grant to establish a meal program for the homeless east of the White House.  Rev. Wimberly worked with the United Church and partnersRead More →

March 19, 2019 Dear Members of the GWU Muslim Student Association community: On behalf of the entire congregation, we the Session (council) of Western Presbyterian Church want you to know that you and your entire faith community remain in our thoughts and prayers in this time following the terrorist attack on the mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.  This violence andRead More →

Your Session sat for its regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening.  The agenda was light, but next month we begin a rigorous quarterly financial review. We took a look back on our pre-Lenten “Donut Sunday” service.  The worship service – with the glitter, beads and band — was a big departure for our congregation but, we believe, worth a go.  We’llRead More →

Western friends, Salaam alaikum, if nothing else this week.  I had hoped my letter would be a shout-out from the NEXT Church Conference, where John, Jess and I were immersed in an exciting last few days.  Instead, we all woke up to the tragic news of the terrorism this morning in New Zealand – to hell breaking loose in aRead More →

Tired of hearing about the Trump Administration’s efforts to curb programs that provide a safety net to individuals and families living on the edge of a economy, that is a boom to some, but leaves many others unable to cover costs of housing, food, and medical care? Proposed changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will eliminate SNAP benefitsRead More →