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Western is pleased to welcome Julia Burkley as Ministry Fellow beginning Sunday, June 4. Julia writes, “Hi everyone! My name is Julia Burkley. I am an incoming senior at Davidson College with a major in Religious Studies, and a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies. On campus, I am a senior leader of Better Together, a club for interfaith engagement, the co-founder ofRead More →

The Session is pleased to announce that Rev. John Molina-Moore will begin as part-time Pastor for Community Life on Sunday, June 4. John writes, “I easily get excited.  My heart rate goes up from anything like four yard runs on first down to new flavors of Cheerios in the grocery store.  But there aren’t many things that I’m passionate about.   OneRead More →

Possible Parish Associate Position:  The Session continued its discussions about the possibility of Western hiring Rev. John Molina-Moore as a part time Parish Associate for Community Life.  The Session discussed the terms under which John might be retained.  The next steps include Laura speaking further with John about his possible partnering with Western. Micah 6:8 Initiative:  The Session’s Cindy StevensRead More →

One way that Westerners can be better stewards of the environment is composting — turning used organic matter into fertilizer.  Westerners can save their compost materials at home and drop it off at convenient locations.  Eliminating food waste helps cut greenhouse gas emissions and using natural fertilizers cuts down on the use of chemicals. The District of Columbia Department ofRead More →

Sign the Coalition on Human Needs Petition for a People’s Budget Congress has negotiated a spending bill for the remainder of the current federal budget year.  Now is the time to inform Congress of priorities for 2018 so that funding for safety net programs, like food and nutrition, affordable housing, and health care, is adequate. The Coalition on Human NeedsRead More →

President Trump has issued Executive Order 13777 requiring federal agencies to review regulations to determine which regulations could be repealed, replaced or modified. EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt has  asked for comments regarding this review.  The Interfaith Power and Light network has a petition to tell the EPA:  Do not return to the days of not protecting the environment and doRead More →

hen I first heard about the Netflix drama Thirteen Reasons Why, I made a mental note to watch.  When my eighth grade son said he had watched it, I queued it on Netflix.  When the Arlington school district sent an email about this series that revisits a high schooler’s decision to commit suicide, strongly advising that young people should processRead More →

Having members of the community accompany undocumented migrants to their regular check-ins with ICE can deter ICE agents from immediately deporting the migrant. It also ensures a connection between the migrant and their community, ensuring they have support at a very vulnerable time and ensuring their family knows what happened to them if they are taken into custody. If youRead More →

To increase public awareness of the tragic toll exacted by gun violence, Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence Greater Washington installs its “Memorial to the Lost” at various faith communities in DC throughout the year. The Memorial is comprised of stands and t-shirts; one t-shirt represents a victim of gun violence during the specified year and is personalized with the name ofRead More →

On Tuesday, April 11, the Session met with John Molina-Moore, the pastor that Western is considering as a possible Parish Associate for Community Life, a 20-hour-a-week position. John preached at Western on February 19. He would be charged with helping the congregation grow by: working with members to create a new worship opportunity that would be an alternative to SundayRead More →