A Word from Laura (Page 12)

Just when the news leading up to November 8 couldn’t get any worse, the BBC broadcaster referred to this election season as the “civics lesson from hell,” leading up to “America’s political Chernobyl.”  As disgusted as I am by recent political rhetoric, I don’t have an equivalent Geiger counter or iodine tablets. The recent political climate seems more like aRead More →

Coming back from a wonderful middle school conference this past Sunday, I felt the kind of panic some parents of children of color may feel, when I turned around and didn’t see Isaiah  at the fast food stop.  He was just looking for something in my car, but last week, as the adult responsible for a young African-American male whileRead More →

A few weeks ago, one of you emailed me the question:  Does our church have room for diversity in political views?  I feel like we have lots of lefties, but fewer center types and no rights. I think this diversity of political viewpoints is also part of God’s message. Especially as we get ready for July 4th, this is oneRead More →