Supporting prisoner community re-entry and migrants seeking new life Free Minds Write NightA gift of $3000 was made to Free Minds Write Night and Book Club.  Western Presbyterian Church has supported Free Minds for a number of years by hosting Write Night on an every other month basis. It’s a time for community volunteers to gather alongside Free Minds Poet Ambassadors homeRead More →

As we get ready to welcome Christian Brooks from the PC(USA)’s Office of Public Witness for the Racial Wealth Gap Simulation on Sunday, I can imagine some of you thinking, “that’s a good idea, but I’m not sure what it has to do with church.” At last week’s session meeting, I was reminded by members of a Western anti-racism groupRead More →

In March 1968, Martin Luther King met with civil rights leaders from across the country to encourage new work to end poverty and create equity for black, brown, and white people living at the bottom of the economic ladder in the United States.  He was in the midst of a campaign to support the garbage workers in Nashville.  On AprilRead More →

You might have heard about a caravan of folks who are traveling from Central America, through Mexico, seeking asylum in the United States. (And if you haven’t heard about the caravan, check out this great explainer!) Many of those on the caravan are specifically fleeing violence in Honduras. While this caravan has been operating informally since 2010, this year it hasRead More →

The Office of Public Witness (OPW) of Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) here in the nation’s capital has been the public policy ministry of our denomination since 1946. On Sunday, February 25 the Free Inquiry class is hosting OPW’s Associate for Domestic Poverty and Environmental Issues, Nora Leccese.  Ms. Leccese, on the OPW staff since 2015, will speak to the classRead More →

Sunday, November 5, 11am Rev. Lee is a descendant of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s nephew. Rob has been engaged as an activist in the field of racial reconciliation. He participated in the MTV Video Music awards and was on the View, where he spoke about the need to confront white supremacy and white privilege in white churches. Download aRead More →

Image from Last weekend’s events in Charlottesville still have me thinking.  My sermon was about courage and fear, acknowledging that without fear, we cannot have courage.  I didn’t know then what I feared, but that has become clearer, not because I want to be afraid, but because we all need courage. As scary as the KKK, neo-Nazis and right-wingRead More →

To increase public awareness of the tragic toll exacted by gun violence, Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence Greater Washington installs its “Memorial to the Lost” at various faith communities in DC throughout the year. The Memorial is comprised of stands and t-shirts; one t-shirt represents a victim of gun violence during the specified year and is personalized with the name ofRead More →

“We [white people] need to get comfortable being uncomfortable,” remarked my friend and current co-moderator of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Rev. Jan Edmiston. I’ve been trying to give up some of that comfort this Lent – even as the release of the new federal budget makes me so morally uncomfortable I almost feel ill! I share Jan’s remarks knowing andRead More →