Did you know that the People For Fairness Coalition (PFFC) was started in 2008 in Miriam’s Kitchen dining room right here in Western Presbyterian Church?  Ever since, this group of MK guests, former guests, and concerned citizens has been fighting and advocating for the right to housing and for homeless people living in poverty. They are working on several initiatives youRead More →

Factory farms don’t just smell bad. The hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other airborne substances that drift from huge pits of decaying animal waste into surrounding communities are also known to trigger breathing problems and harm the wellbeing of residents. In many parts of the country, the largest, most industrialized, highest-emitting animal feeding operations tend to be located near low-income communitiesRead More →

Did you know that nearly 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions* come from livestock? Or that cattle raised for beef, milk, and other products account for about 65% of livestock emissions? These numbers point to an enormous problem, but also suggest that one small change–eating less meat, and in particular, less beef–could dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which cause rapid climateRead More →

One way that Westerners can be better stewards of the environment is composting — turning used organic matter into fertilizer.  Westerners can save their compost materials at home and drop it off at convenient locations.  Eliminating food waste helps cut greenhouse gas emissions and using natural fertilizers cuts down on the use of chemicals. The District of Columbia Department ofRead More →

President Trump has issued Executive Order 13777 requiring federal agencies to review regulations to determine which regulations could be repealed, replaced or modified. EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt has  asked for comments regarding this review.  The Interfaith Power and Light network has a petition to tell the EPA:  Do not return to the days of not protecting the environment and doRead More →