Social Safety

Write Congress about Gun Violence We all are reeling from the confluence of racist rhetoric from the President and the tragic loss of life from guns in El Paso and Texas.  We all wonder what we can do.  When you boil it down it’s simple:  speak out for love and justice.  Many organizations provide us with tools to communicate withRead More →

Want to make a difference in the lives of homeless women in our community? Consider volunteering at Calvary Women’s Services! Calvary Women’s Services offers housing, health, employment and education programs that empower homeless women in Washington, DC to transform their lives. We are seeking Front Desk Volunteers to assist us with providing a warm, safe and welcoming community to residents,Read More →

Advocate for Affordable Housing Miriam’s Kitchen is part of a robust advocacy effort, known as The Way Home Campaign, to increase access and availability of affordable housing in the District of Columbia. Without sufficient affordable housing, MK guests seeking permanent supportive housing struggle to find an apartment they can afford and will accept a housing voucher. The Way Home CampaignRead More →

Tired of hearing about the Trump Administration’s efforts to curb programs that provide a safety net to individuals and families living on the edge of a economy, that is a boom to some, but leaves many others unable to cover costs of housing, food, and medical care? Proposed changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will eliminate SNAP benefitsRead More →

Did you know that the People For Fairness Coalition (PFFC) was started in 2008 in Miriam’s Kitchen dining room right here in Western Presbyterian Church?  Ever since, this group of MK guests, former guests, and concerned citizens has been fighting and advocating for the right to housing and for homeless people living in poverty. They are working on several initiatives youRead More →

In March 1968, Martin Luther King met with civil rights leaders from across the country to encourage new work to end poverty and create equity for black, brown, and white people living at the bottom of the economic ladder in the United States.  He was in the midst of a campaign to support the garbage workers in Nashville.  On AprilRead More →

You might have heard about a caravan of folks who are traveling from Central America, through Mexico, seeking asylum in the United States. (And if you haven’t heard about the caravan, check out this great explainer!) Many of those on the caravan are specifically fleeing violence in Honduras. While this caravan has been operating informally since 2010, this year it hasRead More →

The Office of Public Witness (OPW) of Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) here in the nation’s capital has been the public policy ministry of our denomination since 1946. On Sunday, February 25 the Free Inquiry class is hosting OPW’s Associate for Domestic Poverty and Environmental Issues, Nora Leccese.  Ms. Leccese, on the OPW staff since 2015, will speak to the classRead More →

Your Opinion Counts!  Now is the time to express it.   US Senate Republicans are rushing to Repeal the American Healthcare Act.  The Graham-Cassidy proposal, as the bill is known, would 1) eliminate Medicaid expansion over 10 years leaving 11 million people without affordable health care, 2) leave vulnerable people without affordable health care by cutting and capping the Medicaid program,Read More →

Sign the Coalition on Human Needs Petition for a People’s Budget Congress has negotiated a spending bill for the remainder of the current federal budget year.  Now is the time to inform Congress of priorities for 2018 so that funding for safety net programs, like food and nutrition, affordable housing, and health care, is adequate. The Coalition on Human NeedsRead More →