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Last year, we added a new element to our campus ministry life. We learned that food in Foggy Bottom, especially for college students, can quickly become rather expensive. So we started offering a free meal for students once a month. We called it “Last (Thursday) Supper.” Last month we had our first one for 2019. I had invited the MuslimRead More →

Don’t miss worship this Sunday.  Don’t ever miss worship, but particularly not this Sunday.  Don’t miss worship if you live in Virginia and you’ve endured the news of our governor and attorney general in blackface and our lieutenant governor accused of sexual assault.  Don’t miss worship if you’ll never live in Virginia but you’re longing to know how Jesus wouldRead More →

Ever been to a classical concert or recital and felt unsure about when to clap? The music stops, you thought you heard a great ending and you want to express your appreciation through applause, but the audience is dead silent.  Or maybe you’re an avid concertgoer, well-seasoned in concert etiquette. You know that you’re “supposed to” withhold applause between movementsRead More →

Elders We give thanks to outgoing Elders, who completed their three-year term on Session with the Class of 2018: Sam Hendrix, Todd Trafford, and Nicole Wallace (who also served as Clerk of Session). Kate Brittain–Class of 2021 Kate Brittain grew up in Tucson, AZ and came to DC to study at GWU, which is how she first found Western. “IRead More →

Giving statements for 2018 were mailed to Western’s members and friends earlier this week.  If you have a question about your statement, please contact Nancy Kiefer, Western’s Business Manager, at or by phone (703-573-8648).  Thank you for your generous support.Read More →

Starting this year, you’ll be hearing from me, your Session Correspondent, after all Session meetings and perhaps on other occasions. Your Session (see the list here and meet the new elders here) is elected by the congregation and ordained as elders to govern our congregation.   It’s not a precise analogy, but generally the Session is like a board of trustees.Read More →

“I must continue by faith… Our goal is to create a beloved community, and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.” Martin Luther King, Jr., Nonviolence: The Only Road to Freedom, 1966 Soul work: it’s the reason any religion needs spirituality, the side that allows, invites, and even challengesRead More →

Worship and all other events are cancelled today, January 13, due to the snow. New Officers will be Ordained and Installed next week. Stay warm and safe! To sign up for future text alerts, click here.Read More →

Woman of color holding a protest sign that reads: "Love knows no borders". (Photo from PMA)

(Photo from PMA)  Those of you facing your first week without a paycheck because of the shutdown are on all of our minds and hearts this week.  While some of you are tackling deferred projects, others of you are holding together skeleton staffs of essential employees.  We’re all concerned about workers whose livelihoods and ability to provide food and shelterRead More →

This year we will be doing more work to intentionally build a better and stronger relationship with Northminster Presbyterian Church.  Over the past year and a half their congregation has grown in numbers and in energy. They are now eager and excited to engage in new ministry initiatives.  One of those will be the work they can do together with us at Western. Read More →