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Letting Go Ps 31, Acts 7: 55-60 and Jn 14: 1-14 People who have the ability to forgive are among the happiest people I know. Maybe not able to be reconciled to a person they once loved, they are nevertheless freed from their burden of anger, hostility, maybe even a little senseless self-righteousness, so that they’re able to move onRead More →

What Makes a Home Psalm 23, Acts 2:42–47 and John 10:1–10   A Seminary friend of mine came home from the Holy Lands yesterday. She’s been in Palestine and Israel for a couple of weeks with a Presbyterian group called Mosaic of Peace. While there, they experienced the stories of the people and discerned how God is calling the churchRead More →

Seeing and Believing [youtube id=”i5iyYWP-6cw”] A number of years ago, one of our cats in Mexico went blind. Since Ofelia was an outdoor cat, we faced a decision. If we left her in Mexico, she surely would be killed by the streets dogs or in an accidental fall. If we brought Ofelia back to DC, she would have to dealRead More →

My Lord! Jeremiah 31:1–6; Psalm118; John 20:1–18 My Lord, what a morning. Christ has risen, indeed! Actually, it’s been quite a week: a holy week. We began last Sunday with a parade of palms in celebration of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Thursday, we broke bread together in the manner of Jesus and his disciples on the night of hisRead More →

Who Is This? Matthew 21:1−11 Good morning, friends. Palm Sunday – it’s a wonderful day – beautiful out today, to be sure – and a celebration that begins our holiest of weeks. For Christians, this morning’s story is well known – and for those of you who are less familiar, this story marks the beginning of Holy Week – theRead More →

“Faith Journey” Ezek 37:1-14; Ps 130; Jn 11;1-45 Well, this morning, I want to tell you a little something about a man named Sam Mockbee. Sam was a professor from the Auburn School of Architecture who knew God’s creative purpose for his life far more deeply than most of us can begin to imagine for our own. The story I’mRead More →

“Dare We Hope” Ex 17: 1-7 and John 4: 5-42 This past Friday, I was glad to attend our denomination’s Compassion, Peace and Justice Training Day. I saw many familiar faces – familiar to me from my work within the denomination, and familiar to this congregation, too. The opening worship was led by J Herbert Nelson, who confirmed that heRead More →

That Wild Thing Happened Matthew 17:1-9 Last May, I concluded my third year working as the Director of Masters Level Recruitment and Admissions at my alma mater, McCormick Theological Seminary.  The best part of the job, in my view, was having conversations with prospective students and listening to their stories. If you’re not familiar with McCormick, it’s important to mention,Read More →

“Be Kind to One Another” Psalm 119, Lev 19: 1-2, 11-19 and Matthew 5: 38-48   Since mid-January when we heard two of the stories of Jesus’ baptism, we’ve been worshiping in Ordinary Time. As you know, Ordinary is not “ordinary” at all. This relatively few number of weeks between Jesus’ baptism and the start of Lent, like Jesus’ shortRead More →

“Thank God” Psalm 119: 1-8, Deut. 30: 15-20 and Mt 5: 21-37   These last few weeks and through next Sunday, we’re studying the 5th Chapter of Matthew and Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Two weeks ago, JC’s sermon focused on the Beatitudes and our blessing from God. Last Sunday, Scott and the Miriam’s Kitchen staff reminded us that weRead More →