Personnel Notes

To the members of Western Presbyterian Church, For the past two years I have had the blessing of sharing a relationship with you, a relationship that was built on trust, excitement, hope and above all faith.  God’s call for me to serve as your Pastor for Community Life has been one of the best gifts I have received in my lifeRead More →

Western welcomes our new Director of Music Ministry, Dr. Allan Laino, who will begin leading us in worship on Sunday, August 26. Just as the Music Ministry task force is excited about his coming on board, Allan shares the following with regard to Western: “I’m thrilled to be joining a church community that is intentional about living out their faith.Read More →

The Personnel Ministry Team discussed the revision of the Employee Handbook scheduled for 2018.  Copies will be sent to all team members and we will decide at our next meeting whether to proceed with the review or postpone it a year.  If it is postponed, the cost currently in the budget could be eliminated to help address our shortfall inRead More →