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As I was preparing for this service, I came across this interesting little tidbit that I,honestly, had never heard of before.  Maybe this is not news to you but it was something new for me – I learned that today is called “Bright Sunday” or “Holy Humor Sunday.”  Have any of you ever heard of this?  I ended up spendingRead More →

Easter Sunday – March 27, 2016 Mark 16.1−8 Welcome to Easter morning – what some have called “the defining place and moment of Christian space and time”[1] And if you find this idea of celebrating resurrection strange, you are not alone. It’s a very strange thing to celebrate – not just because Mark’s gospel leaves us hanging at the endRead More →

Palm Sunday – March 20, 2016 Mark 11:1−11 From the time of ancient civilizations, donkeys have symbolized what is lowly, stupid, or stubborn. (I do not understand why the Democratic Party would celebrate the donkey as their symbol!) Yet in this gospel, Mark goes to great lengths to make sure we know that Jesus wanted a donkey, a colt, thatRead More →

Mark 13:1−11, 27−33 “The End is near” – brings to mind, for me, Homer Simpson, walking up and down the streets, mumbling in his usual incoherence, telling the local reporter, “Jesus loves you; he’s going to kill you.” It’s a caricature, but of the way theology becomes distorted.   This idea of the world ending, while it uses cosmic imagery,Read More →

The Greatest Commandment Mark 12: 28-44   Our second reading today is from the Gospel of Mark – again. We have been journeying with Jesus and the disciples through this particular gospel over the last several weeks and throughout our time in Mark, Jesus has been moving ever-closer to Jerusalem. Last week, in our preaching series, Jesus arrived in theRead More →

What Do You Want Me To Do For You? Mark 10: 32-52 The other day, I got an email from a friend of mine who is currently serving in mission overseas.  He is working with local denominational leaders and questions about full inclusion of LGBT persons arose in their conversations.  My friend, though straight, is a staunch ally to theRead More →

A Thin Place Mark 8:34–9:8 “Thin Place” – Sounds like a gym that has tapped into a culture obsessed with thinness, or a restaurant that has no future. But in the spiritual culture of the British Isles a “thin place” is something else: a place where two worlds meet, this world and the world that lies beyond. The veil thatRead More →

A Different Kind of Healing Mark 5:21−43 This is the story of the healing of two daughters. The story is powerful no matter how you read it: simply for the surface meaning implications of the healing of two women. But Jesus’s healings in Mark always point to something beyond what lies on the surface. One key in this story isRead More →

Living Parables Mark 4:1-12 The parable of the seed and the sower never talked about the seeds in the compost pile. And I love composting. Coffee, fruit and veggie table scraps, egg shells, mixed with cut grass, leaves. I get religious about not adding any animal proteins, seeds, corn cobs – anything that starts to smell or takes too longRead More →

Jesus And Real Life Mark 2:1-22   Scripture is interesting, isn’t it?  It almost seems like a cliché to talk about how the meaning can change each time we pick up the Bible and read a passage of Scripture – but, it’s really true, isn’t it?  Have you had that experience?  Where you read a passage one day and possiblyRead More →