Celebrate Gaston Paige on March 11

Dear Western Members and Friends,

On behalf of the Session of Western Church, we are excited to invite you to celebrate Gaston Paige.  On March 11, we will gather after worship to honor Gaston’s 59 years of faithful service to Western, and we hope that you will join us.  We know of no other church staff member anywhere with this record of service and devotion!

We also want you to know that out of recognition of his loyalty to the congregation and our building and grounds through times both prosperous and lean, the Session has ensured that Gaston will continue to receive the equivalent of his most recent annual salary for the rest of his life.  Gaston will also receive a gift of $40,000 for the purchase of a car or whatever purpose Gaston wishes.

The Session also expressed support for a scholarship fund for two young people precious to Gaston, I’Yana “Yoni” Watson and Isaiah Watson.  This fund will be independent of the congregation’s finances.  Kate and Wayne Lynn will lead the organization of the scholarship fund with the volunteer support of church members to raise contributions to assist with the last two years of Yoni’s college education and four years for Isaiah’s college education.  More information on this fund will be coming in the near future.

In the meantime, we hope you will help spread the word regarding our celebration of Gaston and his special relationship with Western Church.

With joy and gratitude,

Laura Cunningham                                                 Nicole Wallace

Pastor and Moderator of Session                           Clerk of Session