Free Inquiry Adult Education Class

Sundays | 9:45 – 10:45 am | Conference Room 216

Western offers a weekly adult education class for those who never imagined themselves going to “Sunday School.”

Started in 2002, the Free Inquiry class meets for an hour every Sunday morning beginning at 9:45am in the comfortable upstairs conference room (#216).

Topics are usually structured as a program or series that runs for no more than three weeks, so it’s possible to stop and start attending at any time.  Classes are led by different subject matter experts from our own congregation and occasional outside speakers.  The subjects vary – but seem to always focus on issues that are timely and relevant to contemporary progressive Christians.

“Free Inquiry” is an apt name – no subject is off limits, and no cow is sacred.  We promise an hour that is stimulating, entertaining and provocative – and worth your time to get up one hour earlier on Sundays!  Bring your coffee and your curiosity.

Upcoming Classes:
September 23
  • Guest speaker: National Institute on Civil Discourse on reviving civility in the public square.  Second of two weeks.

September 30
  • Guest speaker: Journalist, author (“The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America's Universities”) and Brookings fellow Stuart Taylor leads a provocative class discussion. 

October 07
  • Community Life pastor John Molina-Moore leads the class.