Justice Choir Start Up

Every week on Sunday until Sep 29, 2019 from 12:00p to 12:30p

Organizer: Allan Laino

The group's mission is to further social and environmental justice movements by engaging church members, and members of the broader community by singing together.

We'll gather in the Sanctuary after the church picnic on June 30 for an introduction and song. Then starting in July, we'll have brief weekly "rehearsals" (or sing-throughs) after Worship. Immediately after the postlude, we'll gather around the piano in the Sanctuary for about 20 minutes to sing through 2-3 titles. Come and go as you please. There's no weekly commitment.

Who can join?
Anyone. This choir is for every age and every level of musician, from choral veterans to absolute beginners. Imagine families singing together, along with church members, staff, Miriam's Kitchen staff, MK clients, GW students, visitors, other churches, other Justice Choirs, and on and on.

What will we sing?
We'll sing from the Justice Choir Songbook, a collection of new and re-purposed protest songs. The music, derived from oral traditions, can be quickly learned by ear or from the notated arrangements in the songbook. Composers around the nation have submitted songs to tell a story or to address a specific social justice issue. Titles include: "A Bridge Is Stronger Than a Wall," "Love Is Love Is Love Is Love," "Please Don't Take My Freedom From Me."

What will we sing for?
Marches, public protests, small gatherings, before a meeting, mission trips, worship services, ourselves, etc. The music is meant to be flexible and adaptable to different situations.

How do I join?
Just start singing. Join in the song the next time you hear it. We all have a voice. No matter the circumstances, we can always sing, and when we sing, we create community and animate courage, and the world begins to change.