Facilities Update: Sanctuary HVAC, Garage Door, Kitchen Stove

Sanctuary HVAC –  The contractor has not been able to pinpoint what is actually causing the HVAC to work intimately. ABS will be back onsite Friday with the hope of getting the system back online before Sundays service.  Therefore, it is possibility that service may be conducted in the Multi-purpose room this Sunday.  Decision will be made early Sunday morning.

Overhead Door Replacement:  As a reminder, the garage door will be replaced this Saturday, August 3rd.  During the replacement, entrance into and out of the garage will be restricted.  Normal door operation will be available on Sunday.

Kitchen Stove:  A potential gas leak was recently discovered in the main kitchen.  As a precaution, I have shut off the gas that supplies the stove.  Usage of the stove will not be available until the issue has been addressed by a contractor.  A contractor has been scheduled to be onsite this coming Monday to determine the extent of repairs needed.

Questions? Contact Sterling Thomas, Building and Facilities Manager