Finding Your Giving Statement in CCB

We’re excited to announce that giving statements for Western’s members and friends are now easily available and accessible through CCB.  To review your statement, follow these steps:

  • Go to your CCB profile: After signing in, click the menu with your name on it in the upper right corner and choose “Profile.”
  • To the right, click on the “Financial” tab
  • Under “Printable Statements,” click on “Giving Statement”
  • From the pull down menu, select “Individual,” or, in the case of a couple/family, select “Family” (this is important to ensure that gifts from all family members are shown in a single statement)
  • From the “Date Range” menu, select the desired range under “Quick Date Range” (for example, this year)
  • Click “Run Report”
  • You will then have the option of opening or saving the report

All donations since January 1, 2017 have been entered in the CCB system and the information is updated on a daily/weekly basis.  Note that the giving statement will show whether the gift was made via check (including the check number) or on line and will break down the giving by category (such as pledge, flowers, per capita, etc.).

Please review your statement for accuracy.  If you have any questions or note any discrepancies, please contact Nancy Kiefer, Assistant Treasurer, at or at 703-573-8648.

If you do not have access to the CCB system and would like a printed copy of your report, please let Nancy know.