October Community Groups

October Community Groups

This October, our worship and work together will focus on moving from a mindset of scarcity to a spirituality of generosity, reflecting Jesus’ teaching about God’s abundance.

Community groups will meet during the week to talk and grow using the sermon from the previous Sunday as a starting point for conversation.

Join a community group to talk about each week’s sermon and to ponder with others over new realizations, uncertainties, reactions, and questions that came to mind on Sunday morning or during the week.

There will be guided questions, excited facilitators, and new relationships waiting to be formed. Your voice matters. So, speak up! Join a group to cultivate your mind, your faith, and your life.

There are a variety of meeting times and places available. Click below to see the options. This session of groups runs from October 1 – November 1.


Week 1 – Hidden Abundance: Listen to Sermon  Download Conversation Notes

Week 2 – Gain to Lose:  No Sermon Recording Available   Download Conversation Notes

Week 3 – Faux-bundance:  Listen to Sermon    Download Conversation Notes

Week 4 – Whose coin is it?:  Listen to Sermon   Download Conversation Notes