Community Groups

Community Groups are small groups that meet during the week focused around the sermon from the previous Sunday.

Join a Community Group to talk about this week’s sermon and to ponder with others over new realizations, uncertainties, reactions and questions that came to mind on Sunday morning or during the week.

There will be guided questions, excited facilitators, and new relationships waiting to be formed. Your voice matters. So, speak up! Join a group to cultivate your mind, your faith, and your life.

Groups meet on their respective day from February 18 – March 22:

  • Mondays at 12:15pm at Western with Laura, John MM
  • Mondays at 7pm in Foggy Bottom with Camila, Jackie, Dave
  • Wednesdays at 7pm in Arlington with Julie, Paul, Ari
  • Thursdays at 7pm in Silver Spring with Joan, John, John MM