Interfaith Leadership Institute: Opportunity for College Student

2017 Chicago Interfaith Leadership Institute:

Aug 11-13


What it is:

“Interfaith Leadership Institutes (ILIs) equip undergraduate students and educators with the skills to engage diverse faiths and worldviews to build the interfaith movement on their college campuses. Undergraduate students train to be interfaith leaders who build relationships across identities, tell powerful stories to bridge divides, and learn about ways to mobilize their campuses.” (

Why it is important:

ILIs create the space for interfaith cooperation to begin. In this divisive world, being in a space with people from all different backgrounds all committed to interfaith cooperation is incredibly powerful; it allows bridges to be built that will carry back into communities.


Western Presbyterian is helping to sponsor one Christian student and one Muslim student to go to Chicago this August.

Contact Julia Burkley at for more information. Also reach out if you want to learn more about the interfaith movement in general!