Meet Our New Members

Alec Resurreccion

Alec Resurreccion came to DC to study at GWU’s Law School and hopes to stay in DC after graduation. He grew up in Valley Cottage, NY and was raised in a Christian family. Alec notes that he has struggled with faith, but has grown through it. Alec’s passion is to observe about how others think and act in regards to how they think. He also enjoys video games, reading, writing, and listening to and analyzing music. Alec came to Western because of the location and has stayed because of the community and hospitality. He hopes to be involved with Mission and Worship.

Cayla Vila and Mike Desmarais

Cayla Vila is a student at GWU’s Medical School interested in neurology and psychiatry. Originally from Glen Rock, NJ, Cayla enjoys meeting new people, exploring new neighborhoods, dance, and being outside. She first came to Western because it was close to her apartment and has stayed because of the sense of community and welcome she felt and the deep commitment to living out our faith through various projects and partnerships. Cayla plans to continue volunteering at Miriam’s Kitchen and get more involved with social justice and interfaith work. Cayla worships at Western with her partner Mike Desmarais.

Naomia Suggs-Brigety

Naomia Suggs-Brigety is a graduate student at GWU. She grew up in the South: Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Naomia enjoys Jiu-jitsu, equestrian activities, sleep, and service to others. She came to Western with family and has stayed because of the congregation’s commitment to service. Naomia went on the border mission trip last year and is involved with Selah, Calvary Women’s Services, and other mission activities.

Ben Evans

Ben Evans came to DC as a PC(USA) Young Adult Volunteer working with Western and Miriam’s Kitchen and later worked as Western’s Youth and Young Adult Coordinator. Ben has moved on to other work but continues to be a part of the congregation as a member. He finds Western to be a big part of his DC community. Ben grew up in Tallahassee, FL and enjoys rock climbing and playing music.

Kathy Hawk
(Photo by Michael Mercier | UAH)

Kathy Hawk was a member at Western in the ’80s and returns to the congregation now that she’s back in the area. Kathy is an officer in the US Navy serving at the Pentagon and an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She teaches courses in international relations, U.S. foreign policy, U.S. national security policy, as well as assorted regional studies courses.