Meet Our New Members

Nancy and Carlton Brose

Nancy and Carlton began coming to Western after moving to DC to be near their daughter, Ari Brose. They can often be seen singing in the choir.

Nancy grew up in the DMV area and as a child of a Methodist pastor. She enjoys singing, working to bring people together to “make a difference,” and volunteering with the hungry and at thrift shops. In addition to the choir, Nancy hopes to continue participating in Women of Western and Hospitality.

Carlton grew up in Yonkers, NY and has attended a variety of Christian faith communities. He enjoys singing, art, and cooking. In addition to the choir, Carlton hopes to serve in an administrative group or church outreach.

Ellen Patton

Ellen grew up in Vernon Hills, Illinois and moved to DC with her family in 2002. She learned about Western form her friend former Associate Pastor JC Cadwallader, and has stayed because of the open spirit of the congregation. Ellen has a passion for community and hopes to participate through hospitality and greeting. She works as a recruiter at Facebook and enjoys walking dogs. And Ellen has a twin!

Asia Perazich

Asia grew up in Taos, NM and is now here with her husband, Milan, who is a DC native, and their son, Mica. Asia enjoys skiing, volleyball, cooking, and spending time with family. She works in business development at Ketchum. Asia came to Western because of the sermons and continues to stay to raise her son in a church community. She participates in the Raising Kids of Faith group.

Bernie Witter

Bernie was born in Germany, came to the US as a teen, and has since lived all over the country. He and his wife Liz, who recently passed, moved from Charlotte, NC to DC to be near their son. Bernie enjoys volunteering with unemployed persons and mentors young people applying for college. His most recent membership was at Arlington Unitarian Church. Bernie began coming to Western after his wife started attending a few years ago.