Meet Our New Members

Reid and Veronica Collins found Western when their friends were married here. They now look forward to being a part of a community with shared values and having their daughter, Vivienne, baptized. Reid is a government consultant who grew up near Chicago and came to DC for college. Veronica is an attorney and grew up in the San Francisco Bay area before coming to DC for federal employment. Both enjoy spending time with their family and friends and being new parents.

Bill Rappolt and his wife Megan were married at Western 10 years ago. He is getting involved more now as his kids, Wyatt and Nadia, grow up in our community of faith. Bill grew up in West Chester, PA and went to school at the University of Maryland. He stayed in the area for work and is a lawyer. Bill enjoys woodworking and doing pro-bono legal work. He hopes to reignite his faith journey and be involved with children’s and young adult ministries.

Elizabeth Telson and her partner, Tariq Zayid El, became involved at Western after being offered hospitality while they were seated outside. Elizabeth grew up in Chicago and Arlington and her family worshipped in Lutheran and Baptist traditions. She enjoys knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, reading, and traveling. Elizabeth and Tariq attend the Free Inquiry class and she interested in Free Minds Write Nights and other anti-racism work.

Elsa Williams came to Western looking for place to worship and find God. She loves everything here: the service, pastors, atmosphere, and music. Elsa grew up in Michigan and came to DC for her husband’s job. Now retired, Elsa worked as an editor of social science publications. Elsa lives with her faithful dog, Higgins, and is curious about the world, learning as much as she can. She looks forward to working with the Free Minds Write Nights and with Miriam’s Kitchen.

Justin Bassett learned about Western through Camila Hodgen and looks forward to being involved more with Miriam’s Kitchen. He has his own practice as a canine physical therapist in Rockville.