Meet Our Newest Staff Member: Sterling Thomas

As we move into a new facility management plan, we are pleased to welcome Sterling Thomas as Western’s new Building and Facilities Manager, beginning Tuesday, December 12. Sterling was chosen after a regional search process of receiving resumes and conducting interviews for the position. He comes to us most recently from George Mason University where he worked as a Senior Facilities Manager for the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Prior to that, he worked for 10 years for the Architect of the Capitol as Assistant Superintendent of the House Office Buildings.

Sterling has experience with building systems and area contractors. He has supervised housekeeping and skilled crafts workers, and worked with demanding constituencies, including students and members of Congress. He was drawn to Western’s mission and the prospect of working with church members as well as the many users of and visitors to the building.

The Building and Facilities Manager position will be half-time, and Sterling will be responsible for some hands-on work as well as coordinating and supervising other contracted work. Over the next month, he will be responsible for helping to develop and implement a plan for addressing building needs, including groundskeeping and parking. He will be with us on Sundays through the rest of December. We will also be looking for another part-time person, supervised by Sterling, to cover building set-up and security.